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Landscape Fabrics & Supplies

We designed our fabrics for the homeowner or a commercial landscape company. It can be used in various applications, such as:

Landscape fabric
Drainage fabric
Soil separation fabric
Patio underlay
Root guard along
Golf course and maintenance
Urban medians
Multi-family residential
Irrigation projects
Landscape improvement
Industrial and commercial development
Farm and agriculture
Weed suppression
Soil separation
Single family dwelling

SPUNBOND FABRIC (Type F Spec Sheet, Type K Spec Sheet)

Our fabric features polyester fibers spun bound into a swirling web-like pattern. The result is superior fiber distribution, creating a unique weed prevention fabric. The process accounts the exceptional strength-to-ratio. The fabric’s natural qualities offer exceptional ultra violet stability and unequaled water and air permeability. A must have fabric for the serious landscaper.

Product Advantages

  • Retards weed growth with a barrier between mulch and soil
  • Allows water, air, herbicides, fertilizer and insecticide flow into the soil
  • Lends insulation to root systems against sudden temperature changes
  • Minimizes erosion and loss of mulch due to soil intrusion
  • Chemically inert; resists mildew rotting and insect invasion
  • Reduces plant bed maintenance and buts back the need for watering
  • Maintains moisture better


Our restrictor fabric is the most effective fabric weed control product on the market today. It is made from 100% woven polypropylene then needle punched to aid permeability and capillary action. Water exchange rates are up to 10 gallons per minute per square foot. It comes with UV resistance for long-term exposure to the sun. 98% blockage of light makes it suitable for the weed control problems, and is installed with or without erosion anchor pins; contains a stripe every 12” for planting layouts on a hillside.

Ideal Applications:

  • Landscape weed and erosion control
  • Patio and stone/paver/sidewalk underlayment
  • Install under wood decks
  • Under blind drains
  • Between soil and aggregate

Product advantage:

  • Exceptional toughness and tensile strength
  • Highly UV resistant
  • Easily confirms to landscape contour
  • Very effective weed and erosion control
  • Consistent water and air permeability


Common uses:

  • Hold down sod
  • Pin erosion control fabrics and weed barriers
  • Secure outdoor cords, wires or decorations
  • Install above-ground wiring

4" X 1" X 4" - 11 gauge (1,000 per box)
6" X 1" X 6" - 11 gauge (500 or 1,000 per box)
6" X 1" X 6" - Retail Fabric Pins (20/50 pin pks per box)
8" X 1" X 8" - 8 gauge (500 per box)
Galvanized Edge Pins 8 ga - 10" (250 or 500 per box)
Galvanized Retail Edge Pins 8 ga - 10" (20/25 pin pks per box)

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